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Welcome to the Learning Sciences Research Institute

We conduct research into the cognitive, social and cultural aspects of learning, to enhance education through the design of innovative technologies and environments for learners.

The LSRI brings together staff expertise from the founding Schools of Computer Science, Education and Psychology, as well as links to other disciplines, under the Academic Director, Professor Charles Crook.
The LSRI is a centre of excellence for research in the learning sciences. Research at the Institute explores the fundamental processes and practices of learning, including how to design new technologies to enhance human learning and interaction. The LSRI brings together staff from the Schools of Computer Science, Education, and Psychology, as well as expertise from other disciplines. The table below summarises their areas of academic interests as they might relate to research collaborations or doctoral supervision:

Who are we?

[url=/people/shaaron.ainsworth]Shaaron Ainsworth[/url] Education Representational Learning and Technology Enhanced Learning
[url=]Peter Blanchfield[/url] Computer Science Use of computer games in Education
[url=]Tim Brailsford[/url] Computer Science Multimedia and IT in Higher Education, and distance learning
[url=]Charles Crook[/url] Education Social media & collaboration. Cultural psychology of education
[url=]Jane Evison[/url] Education Spoken discourse, academic talk, and academic podcasting
[url=]Tony Fisher[/url] Education Design of ICT for learning, and teacher professional development
[url=]Colin Harrison [/url] Education Literacy and technology
[url=]Colin Higgins[/url] Computer Science Courseware for teaching and metrics for automated assessment
[url=]Gordon Joyes[/url] Education HE learning technology. Learning design. Supporting online learning
[url=]Marcello Giovenelli[/url] Education Educational linguistics, grammar and language teaching in schools
[url=]Len Newton[/url] Education Teaching science using ICT, and inquiry-based learning
[url=]Claire O'Malley[/url] Psychology Collaborative learning, problem-solving, and HCI
[url=]Paul Thompson[/url] Education Exploring links between classroom talk and learning
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