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The Institute brings together academics, researchers and students who recognise the importance of developing interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the complex processes involved in human learning. In addition to core members, there exist a group of academic and practitioner colleagues who are associated with research projects and doctoral supervision for the Institute.

Below is a list of the Associates of the institute.


Name Position
Benford, Steve Professor of Collaborative Computing - School of Computer Science
Clarke, David Professor of Psychology - School of Psychology
Gates, Peter Associate Professor - School of Education
Greenhalgh, Chris Professor of Computer Science - School of Computer Science
Hartnell-Young, Elizabeth Honorary Research Fellow
Hood, Philip SCITT Academic Manager - School of Education
Inglis, Matthew Honorary Research Fellow
Jones, Ian Honorary Research Fellow
Koleva-Hopkin, Boriana Associate Professor - School of Computer Science
Lewthwaite, Sarah Honorary Research Fellow
McLean, Monica Associate Professor - School of Education
Mitchell, Peter Dean of Science
Morgan, Wyn Professor of Economics
Murphy, Roger Professor of Education and Director of Postgraduate Research - School of Education
Pearshouse, Ian
Shub, Daniel Lecturer - School of Psychology
Windrum, Caroline Honorary Research Fellow
Wood, David Founding Director