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The Institute brings together academics, researchers and students who recognise the importance of developing interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the complex processes involved in human learning.

Project Title Date PI Co-I Collaborators Project Funder
Drawing To Learn 2012-2015 Ainsworth     HEA
Education in a digital environment: An analysis of the existing evidence base for technology in learning 2012 Ainsworth, Crook, Luckin, Noss   Brett Bligh, Andrew Manches Nesta
Specification to inform the development of mobile applications for health care professionals 2011 Crook, C. Wharrad, H.     NHS Scotland
Virtual walking: rich mobile communications to enhance social interaction 2011-2013 Crook, C. Blanchfield, P. Carers Federation, Age UK Nominet Trust
Research commentary on Ethics and TEL Research 2010 Lally, V Sharples, M Glasgow University
Nottingham University
Cambridge University
Educational Futures 2009-10 Facer, Keri Sharples, M
Jewitt, C Craft, A Maugher, S Sandford, R
Manchester Metropolitan University ESRC
The roots of arithmetic 2009-10 Gilmore     British Academy
Uncovering the Sources of Arithmetic 2009-10 Gilmore Inglis   ESRC
National Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing: Learning Strand 2008-12 Fortnum
UoN; MRC Institute of Hearing Research;
Nottingham University Hospitals Trust
Personal Inquiry (PI):
Designing for Evidence-based Inquiry Learning across Formal and Informal Settings
2007-10 Sharples Ainsworth
Open University
Scanlon (Co-PI)
CAPITAL (Curriculum & Pedagogy in Technology Assisted Learning): Part of the Research & Development Programme for the next phase of the UK's Harnessing Technology Strategy (Final Report PDF) 2008-11 Sharples Bligh, Crook, Day (TLRC), Hartnell-Young, Windrum

Sero Consulting Ltd

Sustaining Technology Enhanced Learning Large-scale multidisciplinary Research
2009- Sharples   Knowledge Media Research Centre DE,
Centre for Social Innovation AT,
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne CH,
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven BE,
Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche, Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche IT,
Open University of the Netherlands (CELSTEC) NL,
Know Centre AT,
University of Freiburg DE,
Atos Origin s.a.e ES,
EU project
Impact09 2009

Harrison, C
Crook, C

 Tomas, C Nottingham Trent University BECTA
A Study of Effective Evaluation Models and Practices for Technology Supported Physical Learning Spaces 2008-09




Understanding the Tree of Life project 2007-09    Ainsworth Kansas University (PI)
eLearning Review 2007-09 Hartnell-Young  Joyes   JISC
HP Technology in Higher Education 2007-09 Burnett Sharples, M.
Sharples, S.
  HP Technology for Teaching Higher Education Grant Initiative
The design and evaluation of tangible
technologies to support learning in early years and primary education
2006-09 O'Malley  Benford   ESRC / Futurelab
(CASE studentship)
Pilot study: Pronounication training 2008 Handley     University of Nottingham
RA support for Collaborative project 2008 Gilmore   University of Leuven The British Academy
Anglo-Japanese exchange with Kansai University 2007-08 Hartnell-Young     Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
Web2.0 Technologies for Learning at Key Stages 3 and 4 2007-08 Crook
Mobiles in Secondary Schools 2007-08 Hartnell-Young     BECTA
LEAD: Problem solving through face-to-face networked interaction in the classroom 2006-08 Ainsworth O'Malley
(co-ordinating partner)
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