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Doctoral Study

Are you interested in designing learning technologies, game based learning, learning with visual and multi-modal representations, mathematical cognition, or mobile and contextual learning?

The LSRI is a centre of excellence for research in the Learning Sciences and Technology Enhanced Learning. Research at the Institute explores the fundamental processes and practices of learning, and the design of new of technologies and environments to enhance human learning.

Research questions we are investigating include:

  • How can mobile, game based and location-based technology support learning?
  • How can we design ‘learning enabled’ rooms, buildings and cities?
  • How do people learn by drawing?
  • How do children and adults learn science, mathematics, and languages?
  • What psychological (cognitive, affective, social) processes are important when people learn?

The LSRI at the University of Nottingham attracts students worldwide to study for a higher degree by research, either full time or part time.

Facilities: We offer advanced research facilities, including a flexible learning room with high definition video conference and webcasting equipment, a usability lab, multimedia development room and experimental booths

Community: Students are based within the LSRI and benefit from the interdisciplinary research environment of the Institute, whilst also registering within a home school. Supervisors are typically drawn from two schools, to see a list of LSRI Associates please click here

Activities: The Institute holds regular seminars and research events and offers the opportunity to meet with national and international research leaders. PG students regularly organise research and social events.

Partners: The Institute is a member of the STELLAR European Network of Excellence in Technology Enhanced Learning and is a partner in the National Horizon Digital Economy Hub and the National Biomedical Research Unit for Hearing. Our research partners include Sharp Labs Europe, Microsoft, and HP, as well as local schools, museums and cultural centres.

Why Choose Nottingham?
The University of Nottingham has an exceptional reputation among UK universities as an International University, providing a first class education in a rich learning environment to students from culturally diverse backgrounds. Postgraduate qualifications from the University of Nottingham are recognised all over the world.

For more information about postgraduate study at Nottingham, have a look at the University's online prospectus for postgraduates

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