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About the LSRI

The LSRI is a centre of excellence for research in the learning sciences and technological innovation. Research at the Institute explores the fundamental processes and practices of learning, and how to design new technologies to enhance human learning and interaction. The LSRI brings together staff from the Schools of Computer Science, Education, and Psychology, as well as expertise from other disciplines.

Our areas of interest include, but are not restricted to: 

  • global and distance learning,
  • mixed-reality learning technology,
  • playful and game-based learning,
  • learning cultures and contexts,
  • visual thinking and learning,
  • collaborative learning,
  • designs for mobile and informal learning,
  • analysis of classroom interaction,
  • fundamental learning processes. 

 We employ a broad range of methods to investigate the fundamental processes and activities of learning, including:

  • intervention studies involving the design of new technologies and learning environments,
  • analysis of verbal protocols and transcripts,
  • computational models of cognition and interaction,
  • observations of learning activity within and outside the classroom,
  • diary studies of informal learning,
  • interviews with learners and teachers,
  • controlled studies of mental activity,
  • neural and cognitive modelling.

The Institute is based in the Dearing Building on the University's Jubilee Campus.

Details for travelling to the campus are here as well as more general details about the Jubilee Campus at the University of Nottingham. A map of the Jubilee campus is here: Jubilee map and LSRI can be found within the Dearing building.