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Recognizing learning: a perspective from a social semiotic theory of multimodality

Gunther Kress
Institute of Education, London
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 16:00
LSRI labs

As a discipline, Semiotics has not really concerned itself with learning. Its interest, broadly, has been in meaning. I want to show that the insights and tools of (social) semiotics can enable us to gain a usefully distinct perspective on learning. In the talk I will outline what the tools are; what theoretical implications they harbour; and how the tools offer a distinct perspective, making it possible to recognize instances of learning that might go unnoticed. The two aspects focussed on are,  on the one hand, the recognition of agency, and on the other hand, a focus on all the resources through and with which meaning is made. I will illustrate what might be somewhat difficult points with a wide range of examples from a variety of domains of meaning-making as learning

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