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Learning Spaces Workshop

CTEL "What the research says..." workshop

Learning Spaces
Friday September 27th 2013

This workshop is part of a series entitled "What the research says..." and is organied by CTEL - a collaboration between the London Knowledge Lab, the Open University and the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Nottingham.  The series is aimed at reviewing and debating recent research around themes relevant to technology enhanced learning. 


What are learning spaces and why should those involved in education - learners, teachers or developers -  be concerned about Learning Spaces? This workshop will provide an overview of research directions in the design of spaces for learning – with special attention to the roll of digital technologies in shaping that design.

The presentations, demos and discussions will reflect and debate:

  • the potential and impact of the design of learning spaces within the traditional institutional spaces of schools and universities.
  • the role of technology for mediating learning within the informal learning spaces of museums and exhibitions.
  • the wider meaning of “spaces for learning”  such as immersive learning experiences, the relation between the visual technology of Synergy tables and active learning spaces and dynamic map displays in support of spatial thinking.
  • how schools, Colleges and Universities physical spaces and virtual spaces maybe transformed and blended in the future and what this might mean to teaching and learning.

Detailed Programme (evolving)

1.30 – 2.15           Introduction and First Review lecture      
New designs for technology-enhanced learning spaces [Read more]
   Brett Bligh and Charles Crook

2.15 – 3.30           Demonstrations and conversations

 - Projection Augmented Relief Models (PARM)  [Read more]
 - Resourcing spaces for collaborative learning  [Read more]
 - Virtual spaces and autism [Read more]
 - Collaborative virtual environments [Read more]
 - Multimedia learning spaces  [Read more]
-  Mobile devices in language learning [read more]
-  Scale up : Active learning environments [Jane McNeil, NTU]

3.30 – 4.15             Review lecture       
Technology support for learning in exhibition and museum spaces
   Giasemi Vavoula

4.15 – 5.00           Debate and discussion


There is no charge for registration but nuimbers will be limited (to about 35) and  preference may be given to those from professional groups for whom this "what the research says" series is primarily targetted.  To register go to this link Running light refreshment will be available. Delegates may purchase light lunches from adjacent cafe.

Live communications

The live stream will commence shortly before the seminar itself. The stream will open in a number of clients across various platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. We do however recommend the open source client VLC, which is a free download from:

Copy and paste the following URL into your chosen media player (note this MUST have the mms:// at the start NOT http://) - if you paste this into Internet Explorer it will automatically start Windows Media Player.

Questions can be asked via TodaysMeet:

Twitter hashtag:                     #wtrs (what the research says)
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 Travel Information

How to reach the University of Nottingham: Jubilee Campus
How to reach the LSRI in particular
Location of Event (Exchange Building, First Floor)