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The Institute brings together academics, researchers and students who recognise the importance of developing interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the complex processes involved in human learning. This page identifies core members: that is, the academic staff who guide the policy of the Institute and who offer joint doctorall supervision in the learning Sciences areas.

Core Members

Name Position
Ainsworth, Shaaron Director of LSRI
Blanchfield, Peter Associate Professor - School of Computer Sciences
Brailsford, Tim Director of Computer Sciences - University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Colin Harrison Emeritus Professor of Literacy Studies in Education
Crook, Charles Professor of Education - School of Education
Davis, Pryce Assistant Professor in Learning Sciences
Evison, Jane Lecturer - School of Education
Fisher, Tony Lecturer - School of Education
Higgins, Colin Associate Professor - School of Computer Science
Jane Medwell Associate Professor
Joyes, Gordon Associate Professor - School of Education
Newton, Len Associate Professor - School of Education
O'Malley, Claire Professor of Learning Science - School of Psychology
Oliver, Mary Associate Professor in Science Education
Peter Sorensen Lecturer, School of Education
Sarah Speight Professor of Higher Education
Thompson, Paul Associate Professor - School of Education


Name Position
Benford, Steve Professor of Collaborative Computing - School of Computer Science
Clarke, David Professor of Psychology - School of Psychology
Gates, Peter Associate Professor - School of Education
Greenhalgh, Chris Professor of Computer Science - School of Computer Science
Hartnell-Young, Elizabeth Honorary Research Fellow
Hood, Philip SCITT Academic Manager - School of Education
Inglis, Matthew Honorary Research Fellow
Jones, Ian Honorary Research Fellow
Koleva-Hopkin, Boriana Associate Professor - School of Computer Science
Lewthwaite, Sarah Honorary Research Fellow
McLean, Monica Associate Professor - School of Education
Mitchell, Peter Dean of Science
Morgan, Wyn Professor of Economics
Murphy, Roger Professor of Education and Director of Postgraduate Research - School of Education
Pearshouse, Ian
Shub, Daniel Lecturer - School of Psychology
Windrum, Caroline Honorary Research Fellow
Wood, David Founding Director

PhD Students

Name Position Dissertation title
Al Harrasi, Kothar PhD Student The effect of two types of written feedback on writing development
Alamri, Jamilah PhD Student Investigating Communication Practices Using Social Media: A Blended Learning Case Study in Saudi Higher Education
Ali, Mohd Fadzli PhD Student (UNMC) Blended learning in HE
Alturki, Abdullah PhD Student
Arici, Elaine PhD Student CPD mentoring model for ICT implementation in 2 Schools in HE
Benn, Patricia PhD Student The Adoption of an E-learning approach by the Department of Teacher Education at the Antigua State College: A Case Study of Expansive Learning in an Activity System
Chau, Yat Kwong EdD Student An investigation into factors affecting learners' satisfaction in blended learning in school contexts in Hong Kong
de Albuquerque, Rafael Marques PhD Student Reflective Gaming Education: supporting players’ informed reflections on the potential effects of their digital gaming practices
Degazon, George PhD Student The influences on newly recruited HE teachers engaged in a community of practice initiative
Dempster, Paul PhD Student Automatically data-mining learners' behaviour using CALL software to generate learning recommendations
Dlamini, Albert PhD Student The Interplay between the Conceptual Framework that guides a teacher education programme in Zimbabwe , and Lecturers` beliefs, Instructional and Assessment Practices: Understanding the nexus between theory and practice in teacher education
Durgungoz, Ahmet PhD Student Infrastructural and Pedagogical Readiness of Institutions to the uptake of Tablet Technology
Frost, Helen PhD Student Marketing practices and ‘hot knowledge’- opening access and opportunity
Halls, Jonathan PhD Student Reception-aged Children's Teleological and Scientific Reasoning about Different Natural Phenomena and the Pedegogical Approches Needed to Teach Scientific Theories.
Ibhakewanla, John-Okoria PhD Student Costheanthropic Learning: Indigenous Knowledge as Knowledge of/for the Indigent
Igbrude, Claudia PhD Student Mobile learning: Implementing mobile learning from bottom up
Inziria, Samuel PhD Student Perceptions and attitudes towards new and emerging Web 2.0 technologies in teacher education and the impact on pedagogy and practice
Jingjing, Ruan PhD Student Using ICT to Motivate Students in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: Reasons and Approaches
Khalid, Fariza Binti PhD Student (UNMC) Teacher identity/CPD through on line collaboration
Lam, Yuet Ching Jeanne EdD Student Factors Affecting Students' Learning in the Blended Learning Environment: A Case of a Management Accounting Blended Learning Course in Hong Kong
Lei, Man PhD Student A new curriculum for English teaching: teacher's understandings and needs in realtion to the new curriculum
Li, Xian PhD Student Mandarin teaching and learning in complementary schools
Mak, Wai PhD Student Case study on blended learning in Hong Kong secondary school: Co-operation between educators and technologists
Mason, Jessica PhD Student Narrative Interrelation: a cognitive model of intertextuality, and its applications in the secondary literature classroom
Masters, Sherriden PhD Student The Impact of Anonymity on Learning Experiences During Classroom Role-play
Meek, Sam PhD Student (with Horizon DTC)
Mohd Jaafar, Nurjanah PhD Student The Influence of Multiple Representations on ESL Learners’ Reading Comprehension
Nakielski, Kathleen PhD Student How the concept of Lifelong learning and midwifery skills- is understood by students and lecturers- phenomenological approach (use of Dewey)- semi-structured interviews and use of data bases
Panagiotopoulos, Dimitrios PhD Student Drawing and Dissection: Improving understanding in Anatomy
Poussa, Cherry PhD Student Preparing Nurses for Web-based Learning: Exploring the value of emotional support and blended learning on self-efficacy and learning outcomes
Rose, Neil PhD Student The impact of the new FE teacher education programme on conceptions of pedagogy
Schofield, Louise PhD Student Understanding how teacher presence and content pacing in online educational video presentations affect engagement and learning retention
Sweeney, Thomas PhD Student Design and evaluation of mixed-reality technologies for second language learning
Whyte, Bobby PhD Student Computing across the curriculum: Designing integrated approaches to computational thinking
Wong, Bo Man EdD Student Case Study of the Teachers’ Experience on Using the e-Learning Platform for Teaching in Vocational Training Council
Yapici, Haci PhD Student Teaching and learning with multiple representations in a tablet classroom

MA Students

Name Position
Hockley, Ian MA Student
Roberts, Anne MA student, part-time
Themistocleous, Christina MA Student