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O'Malley, Claire

Claire O'Malley
Professor of Learning Science - School of Psychology
Room B30 Psychology University Park Nottingham NG7 2RD UK
PhD supervision: 

Giulia Gelmini Hornsby , Patrick Brundell, Afdallyna Harun

Research interests: 
  • Collaborative learning and problem solving.
  • Learning technologies.
  • Human-computer interaction.
  • Technology-mediated communication.
  • KAREMAKER, A., PITCHFORD, N. & O’MALLEY, C. (2010) Does whole-word multimedia software support literacy acquisition? Reading and Writing, 23, 31-51.
  • KAREMAKER, A., PITCHFORD, N. & O’MALLEY, C. (2010) Enhanced recognition of written words and enjoyment of reading in struggling beginner readers through whole-word multimedia software. Computers & Education, 54(1), 199-208.
  • MANCHES, A., O’MALLEY, C. & BENFORD, S. (2010) The role of physical representations in solving number problems: A comparison of young children's use of physical and virtual materials. Computers & Education, 54, 622-640. 
  • MANCHES, A., O’MALLEY, C. & BENFORD, S. (2009) Physical manipulation: Evaluating the potential for tangible designs. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI09), Cambridge, UK, February 16-18, 2009.