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Brailsford, Tim

Tim Brailsford
Director of Computer Sciences - University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Computer Science Malaysia Campus Jalan Broga 43500 Semenyih Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia
Research interests: 

My major research interest is in the applications of information technology and multimedia to education - primarily at University level. This includes distance learning, distributed learning, and the support of local courses. I have been involved with undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught over the Internet, and locally by means of multimedia, as well as courses that are taught in parallel between internationally collaborating institutions. Specifically, I am interested in:

  • The wide array of pedagogic, design and technical issues involved in endeavours of this nature. 
  • XML as a vehicle for e-learning. I am currently involved in the development of a novel integrated learning environment that is built upon XML and related technologies. This makes use of adaptive hypertext in order to address the problems caused by the "one size fits all" approach that the majority of computer based learning systems take to a demonstrably divers student population (in terms of background, abilities and learning-style requirements).
  • The applications of knowledge management techniques to education, and the implementation of these approaches by software tools designed for learning support. I am a member of the SCSiT Web Technology Group, and actively collaborates with like minded educational technologists in other Schools in the University and in other institutions.
  • Use of computer games in education. In particular I am interested in ways of adding a fun resource to those subjects which have not had much attention in the past. Another aspect of this has been the use of computer games in the treatment of mental illness in children.
  • Web adaptation and image processing problems.


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